Mass In Motion

nbCC is excited to take the lead on this Department of Public Health (DPH)-funded initiative to provide opportunity for the municipalities of North Adams, Adams, and Clarksburg to expand their pursuit of healthy eating and active living among the communities and initiate change at policy, systems, and environmental levels.

Mass in Motion, which will be funded through DPH over the next five years, is a comprehensive set of initiatives to address the overweight and obesity epidemic in the Commonwealth. nbCC has chosen specific initiatives to target the issues that align with the needs of Clarksburg, North Adams, and Adams. Mass in Motion will work towards creating conditions that encourage, nurture and promote wellness with particular focus on the importance of healthy eating and physical activity. Mass in Motion will look at implementing and expanding Safe Routes to School; a program that provides safety for children as they walk to school, enabling more children to walk, alleviating congestion at the schools and increasing physical activity in children. Mass in Motion will also focus on implementing the new state nutritional guidelines in schools among the three municipalities. These are just two key examples of the many tasks and goals Mass in Motion will meet in the northern Berkshire community.

nbCC has hired Amanda Chilson as the Project Coordinator of Mass in Motion. She will also work closely with town and city officials and leadership committees comprised of people in the communities, as well as with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, to help make this program a success. To learn more about Mass in Motion click here.