The Northern Berkshire Community Coalition (nbCC) began in 1986 as the Northern Berkshire Health and Human Services Coalition (NBHHSC) during a time in Northern Berkshire history when many large employers left the area, leaving countless residents without jobs. Many were wondering what would happen to dislocated workers once unemployment benefits ran out and whether or not local agencies were communicating with one another about how to help.

Monthly conversations (our monthly forums, that still occur today over 30 years later!) among health and human service agencies and residents about the issues began and soon the Northern Berkshire Health and Human Services Coalition was formed to help alleviate problems and support solutions.

Over the years, the NBHHSC became the Northern Berkshire Community Coalition as the needs and the face of the Northern Berkshire community has changed, but one thing still remains at the core of what we do: the Northern Berkshire community.

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