nbCC DEI Statement 

nbCC strives to be an equitable and inclusive organization that collaboratively and intentionally engages with diverse communities. We foster belonging and empowerment through advocacy and connection, nurturing curiosity, limiting barriers, and creating opportunities. We acknowledge, respect, and value all ways in which people are diverse and ensure that all voices are heard and valued within every aspect of our work within the organization. 

nbCC demonstrates our commitment to this statement in the following ways..

  • Adopting and implementing improved practices, across all six focus areas of our work and within the structure and administration of our organization, that reflect the people that make up our community and the needs they experience.
  • Conducting thoughtful and respectful, surveying and reporting of representation and participation, within all levels of the organization, and endeavoring to represent the diversity of the communities nbCC serves. 
  • Providing varied and distinct opportunities, programs, and events that will support any individual in the exploration and discovery of identity and belonging, while encouraging the development of skills essential to growing personal involvement and leadership within their own community.
  • Cultivating a culture that encourages collaboration, compassionate accountability, flexibility, and fairness to enable individuals to contribute to their full potential and deepen engagement and growth.