Welcome to the UNO Community Center!

The UNO Community Center, located at 157 River Street in North Adams, is a community space for all and is a program of nbCC. For questions about or rental requests for the center, please contact nbCC main office. All activities and programs that occur within this site are under the nbCC organization. 

The vision of the UNO Community Center program is: To create an inclusive, comfortable, safe and inviting environment for all walks of life to come together to have fun, share resources, celebrate history and achieve neighborhood pride. 

The UNO Community Center and the UNO Park are co-located on the corner of River and Houghton Streets, in North Adams. MASS MoCA and nbCC are partners in this effort to ensure that these spaces are open, accessible, and utilized by the surrounding community.

Donations: The UNO Community Center, as a program of nbCC, does not accept donations. However, the “Giving Box” can be utilized as a space for specific donations that will be given out to community residents. These donations must fit in the box and are reviewed at a UNO Steering Committee meeting prior to acceptance. 

Rentals: YES, the UNO Center is available to rent for professional programming, events, and private parties! Please contact the nbCC Office Coordinator at 413-663-7588 or email gglasier@nbccoalition.org . The space is rented at a cost of *$10/hour. *Community residents have the opportunity to commit to community service at the UNO Center in lieu of cash payment. 

Programming & Events: Organizations, agencies, community groups, etc. are able to rent the UNO Center for programming on the same fee scale as residents. Fees can be waived by the UNO Steering Committee based on the service provided to the community. Organizations, community groups, etc.… will also need to complete the rental agreement and the Building Use Agreement, found on Hodor.  Anyone doing child care or running programs with children, must be CORI checked. The Family Support & Neighborhood Coordinator at nbCC is available to support programming needs for the UNO Community Center.