Contact: Jessi Byrne –


This is a volunteer team to support the Bike Collective. 


Responsibilities and hands-on involvement may commence on a rotating basis so as to best accommodate volunteers availability, level of skill, involvement capability. Responsibilities for this crew will mainly consist of: 

● helping run weekly open hours 

● keeping track of inventory (bikes & parts) 

● utilize order lists for supplies, tools and parts 

● assist community members with earning a bike and maintenance 

● lead workshops and/or help organize workshops 

● restore bikes 

● teach patrons how to maintain or fix their bike (if they are willing) 

● help take the Collective into the community through small scale pop-up and large scale community-wide events 

● help recruit and retain volunteers revolving in and out of the space 


This crew will report to the nbCC Health and Wellness Coordinator and meet once a month to start, with the intent of moving to quarterly meetings once the group is established. 


This group will engage in conversations with patrons during events and open hours to build rapport and gain qualitative feedback. Quantitative surveys will be utilized as appropriate after events and for quarterly and/or annual review.